Maidstone Activity Dogs

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Puppy Training

Our puppy classes are not your average class. We cover important socialisation experiences for your puppy which include meeting new people,new dogs and puppies their own age (in a controlled manor, not a run around free for all), new surfaces, new sounds, crate training, recalls, basic puppy positions, walking on a  lead and help and advice on toilet training and nipping and chewing (and probably a lot more!). We also work towards the Kennel Club Good Citizen Puppy Foundation Award.

Classes are limited to 5 puppies  to ensure you get enough time with an instructor and to ensure that your puppy does not become overwhelmed in a new environment. Its important that puppy socialisation should be a positive experience.

Puppies must have had their first vaccination before attending and be under 6 months old.
Next Puppy Classes starting:

12th June 2017 at 8.15pm (1 space remaining)

Junior Dogs

We run 2 programs for Junior dogs:

Option1: This class is for dogs who have completed our puppy program. This class which will teach you about how to clicker train a dog. You would cover general training, tricks and foundation exercises for agility. It is about training handlers as well as dogs so that handlers understand how to train a dog themselves. This is geared towards training dogs for completion sports (it can be anything the owner has in mind, not just agility)

Mondays 7-8pm

Option 2:  This class is a general dog training class which follows on from those lessons you have already done. It will cover recalls, stay in one place, send to a bed, retrieving some training for the Kennel Club Good Citizen dog scheme, some introduction to Rally exercises. This is a class geared towards teaching you to have a well behaved pet.

Wednesday 7.45pm

These classes are suitable for dogs who have completed our puppy program and are ready to move on and dogs under 9 months old.

This class is charged at £7.50 per week (to be paid in monthly blocks)