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Enquiries are now only being dealt with by email or by filling in the contact form below. I am now on maternity leave so will not be taking phone calls. We have a great team of knowledgeable instructors available to cover classes however most have a day job so I will still be dealing with all enquiries as and when I can around looking after a new baby. Please be patient, if you haven't heard back in 7 days you can give me a nudge incase your enquiry has been missed.

Most questions are answered in the FAQ section below or on the page of the activity you are looking into. Dates of up and coming classes and locations are on the book online page and click on the activity.

Thank you for your patience


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Q. My puppy will be 18 weeks old at the start of the puppy class, can I join?

A. Yes, the age listed is a guide but we ask that pups are under 20 weeks at the start of the class unless a small breed.


Q. My dog is very excited by other dogs, which class is best?

A. All of our obedience classes work on control around other dogs, if your dog is over 5 months old with minimal previous training we recommend the Bronze Good citizen class


Q. My dog is over 20 weeks old and a large breed, which class should I join?

A. We recommend you join the Bronze Good Citizen class


Q. I have littermates that id like to bring to the same class, is this possible?

A. This is only possible if each dog has its own handler. Littermates do better being trained separately. Its hard work and they do need independence so if possible it is better that they are brought to separate training classes to ensure they have 1 on 1 time with you away from their littler mate so that hey bond with you and not only each other. If you do bring both to the same class you will be asked to stand apart from each other.


Q. Id like to book onto the next puppy class?

A. All classes with availability can be found at


Q. The next puppy class is full and my dog is now 5 months old, can you squeeze us in?

A. No, I’m afraid not, we only have a maximum of 6 puppies per class, id recommend booking onto the Bronze Good Citizen class.


Q. Do you let puppies off for a run around together in class?

A. No we don’t – we encourage controlled socialisation and building a bond with the owner, not allowing dogs to have a free for all, this type of play encourages dogs to become over social or for dogs to become frightened and bullied.


Q. How reliable does a dogs recall need to be for Agility?

A. Agility is done off lead, sometimes in the field so dogs need to be able to remain with the handler while being taught. If they leave the handler they must be able to return with either the use of a toy or treat. Dogs should not once unclipped run off to other dogs every time or take ages to catch. If your dog needs work on this we recommend the Bronze Good Citizen class.


Q. I have a long backed breed (e.g Dachshund) or large breed (over 35kg) and would like to do agility?

A. Whilst most dogs can do Agility, the risk of injury to some dogs is increased due to their genetic make up. Long backed dogs are at greater risk of a disc injury and heavy, large breeds will potentially struggle with tunnels and the impact on their joints with jumping and landing with be high. Consider something low impact but fun, like Hoopers.

Q. My dog is reactive to other dogs and I think socialising him will help, can we join a group?

A. Reactivity shown as aggression, lunging or barking Is not suitable for a group class. It will not help solve your problems and will likely make them worse. Please speak to a behaviourist who can help you correct the issue.


Q. Can I book 121 training?

A. No I’m sorry we do not offer 121 training at the moment.


Q. Where are classes held?

A. Puppy, Progression, and good Citizen classes are held indoors at ME16 9LX. Agility and Hoopers are split between venues at  ME16 9LX and ME19 5HZ. When you click on the course you wish to join on the booking page it will have the venue listed on there.

Q. Can I call for a chat?

A. Currently I am on maternity leave so only dealing with enquiries via the website contact form or email – these will be answered as soon as I possibly can but it will not necessarily be the same day. Put as much information as you can into the contact form or email and I will get back to you.


Common problems that Group classes are unlikely to fix and would require a behaviourist:

  • Chasing traffic

  • Barking, lunging at other dogs

  • Barking, lunging at other people

  • Aggression towards people and or other dogs

  • Separation anxiety

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