Our Trainers

Agility classes are run by Katie who has over 12 years experience of working with Dogs including Military and Police Dogs and dogs trained for private security companies. 


Katie has a certificate in education and training and also been a swimming teacher for 7 years so has plenty of experience in teaching. 


She currently has 5 dogs of her own, 4 Malinios, Heidi, Kody, Chaos and Bridget and a Dutch Shepherd called Brenda. In the past she has owned a Labrador called Brian, Malinois called Megan & Shelly, a German Shepherd called Pip and a Collie cross called Max.

Katie competes in Agility with Chaos who is  Grade 6. Kody retired from Agility at the end of 2015 at Grade 6 and Heidi retired form competition in 2018 at Grade 5, she still does allsorts classes though. All being well Bridget will hopefully begin to compete in 2019.


Katie and Chaos were selected to be on the Great Britain Team for the Belgian Shepherd World Championships in Germany in 2017.


Katie is also a Kennel Club judge for Agility.


Conor has 17 years experience of handling and training working dogs. Whilst Serving in the Royal Military Police Conor was one of the few handlers employed as an explosive detection dog handler providing reactive and proactive searches in support of operations to ensure the security of High Ranking Officers, Members of Parliament and the Royal Family. Conor was also the Kennel Manager for the Police Dog Section in Aldershot. Since leaving the Army Conor has taught Search work all over the world including France, Slovakia, Africa, Iraq and America.


Conor and Katie have trained Security Dogs and Handlers in Handler Protection, Building search, Location Work, Tracking and advanced obedience. Conor has trained security search dogs in narcotics and explosives detection and is also experienced at training dogs in specialist applications upon request. 


Conor's passion lies in the study of behaviour, behaviour modification and how animals learn through Operant Conditioning and in particular shaping behavior. As such Conor is our go to person for all things relating to Shaping and reward based training. He is a qualified Agility Instructor & competition coach.


Conor is also an approved assessor for the Kennel Club Bronze & Silver Good Citizen Test and an assessor for BIPDT Security Division.

Our Dogs


Bonvivant Tatienne AW (B)


Heidi retired from competitive Agility at Grade 5 in 2019. She has her Silver Good Citizen Award. She loves to do everything at a million miles an hour whether it be Agility, swimming or just running around.


Bonvivant Gonna be Chaos at Borubears AW(B)

31.05.2012 - 17.02.2020

Chaos competes in Agility at Grade 6 and has represented Great Britain at the Belgian Shepherd World Championships in 2017 in Agility. He also has his Silver Good Citizen Award.


Bonvivant Syrah AW (S)


Kody Retired from Agility in 2015 at Grade 6. He has his Gold Good Citizen Award. Since finishing Agility Kody has done well with competing in obedience gaining several places.


Stonedragon Blacktip Waves


Bridget is a bit different, she is very good at Agility and has really good skills however she really dislikes competing so she does it just for fun!. She also has her Gold Good Citizen award and has started some Rally Training.


Mad Brenda of Borubears


Brenda is our only Dutch Shepherd. She joined us in 2012 and is a trained Explosives Detection Dog. She has done some Agility training but doesnt compete and has her Bronze Good Citizen Award.


Bonvivant TBC


Ralph is the baby of the family, currently 9 months old. I hope he will become my next agility dog but for now he is enjoying being a crazy puppy! He is the nephew of both Heidi & Chaos and has traits of both which is fab!


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