Puppy Classes

Our puppy classes are not your average class. We cover important socialisation experiences for your puppy which include meeting new people, new dogs and puppies their own age (in a controlled manor, not a run around free for all), new surfaces, new sounds, crate training, recalls, basic puppy positions, walking on a  lead and help and advice on toilet training and nipping and chewing (and probably a lot more!). We also work towards the Kennel Club Good Citizen Puppy Foundation Award.


Classes are limited to 5 puppies  to ensure you get enough time with an instructor and to ensure that your puppy does not become overwhelmed in a new environment. Its important that puppy socialisation should be a positive experience.

Puppies must have had their first vaccination before attending and be under 6 months old. For older puppies and continuation of training we offer a puppy progression course which builds on the skills learned in puppy class but also teaches some new tricks and skills and gives you an opportunity to continue the puppies learning.

Puppy Courses are £60 for 6 weeks

Puppy Progression classes are £60 for 6 weeks

Thinking of getting a puppy?

Top tip: Get booked onto a puppy course sooner rather than later - dont wait until the puppy is 12 weeks old and has had both its vaccines before starting to look and wanting an immediate start- most good training classes will only take a small number of puppies so you will need to wait until there is room. Early socailisation and training is so important!

Puppy classes with availability can be booked here (click the link)

Puppy Progression The next step from puppy class

Some of the things we do over the 6 weeks:

 Toy Play

Recalls with Distractions

Send to a Toy & Target

Crate Games

Food Manners

Reliable Wait

Body Awareness Exercises


Self Control exercises

& more...

Puppy progression follows on from Puppy class or is suitable for an older puppy who has had some training already. Its a 6 week course & costs £60

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