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Hoopers is a low impact activity where dogs negotiate a flowing course of hoops, barrels and tunnels. Dogs of all ages and breeds are welcome making this a very inclusive sport. We do request that puppies are at least 6 months of age. This sport is particularly appealing to handlers with limited mobility as the ultimate aim is to handle the course from a marked box, meaning little movement is required.

Hoopers classes are run by both Kate & Vanessa who are Canine Hoopers World Instructors.


New Starters

Dogs new to Hoopers will need to complete an introduction courses where they will learn the basic skills needed and equipment skills needed and will then be eligible to join regular classes. Planned Introduction workshops can be found by clicking the button below and then selecting Hoopers.

Regular Training

We currently have approx 40 dogs in regular training classes for Hoopers with some starting to compete (there is no pressure to do so!) During our classes we work towards the Canine Hoopers World Progress Awards. We do have occasional spaces for dogs who have done some Hoopers before and filler spaces for when our regular members are off. Please contact us for further info.
Those who are completely new to Hoopers can book their introduction workshops here. If there is not one listed please contact us to register your interest.

Our current class timetable is as follows:

Tuesday 10.20am - Mixed Ability (2 Spaces)

Thursday 9.30am - Introduction to CHW Level 3 (FULL)

Thursday 10.30am - CHW Level 4+ (FULL)

Thursday 6.45pm - CHW Level 5+ (2 Spaces)

Friday 7pm - Mixed Ability (FULL)

Friday 7.50pm - CHW Level 4+( FULL)

Friday 840pm - CHW Level 5+ (FULL)

*Friday moves to a Tuesday from May-Sept



Hoopers is a great low impact activity that is taught brilliantly by MAD.

Jo & oliver


Hoopers training is great fun. Training to suit each individual dog and Handler.  The class accommodates those who want to compete or simply have fun with their dog. Being low impact Hoopers is suitable for all ages of dog. It really is worth giving it a go you will soon be hooked

Louise & Bailey, Harley & Quest

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