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Booking & Training Terms and Conditions

Participating in training is at your own risk.  Maidstone Activity Dogs & Perfection Dogs Ltd are not responsible for injuries or damage to personal property.

When attending all classes dogs and handlers must be physically fit enough to carry out the training they are booking onto.


Your space will be on hold until payment is made in full. All classes must be paid for in advance. Without payment your space will not be held.



Payment is taken via Card or PayPal however you do not need a PayPal account - you can check out as a guest and add your card details.

Cancellations and refunds:

Once  booked we only offer refunds for cancellations if your space can be filled. Please note a £5 admin fee will be deduced from any refund given. Once a course has started, no refund will be given.

Requests to transfer to a later course will only be accommodated in exceptional circumstances and if spaces are available. We do not offer a transfer to another class if your course starts within 5 working days as we will be unlikely to fill your space.

Missed weeks are charged for so if you can not attend a week im afraid you will lose the payment for that week. This includes those attending regular weekly classes, you are paying for your space in a class so you will need to pay for missed weeks. This includes those in regular classes.

Those with a regular training space - if you wish to give up your space in a class 4 weeks notice and payment is required. This gives us time to attempt to fill your space with another person. Venue Hire, staff and equipment are expensive and we need to ensure we are covering these costs.

Your Dogs Equipment:

Your dog must attend all classes with a flat fitting collar with an ID tag attached. This is required by law. You must also bring a fixed length lead. You may bring a harness for your dog but it must not be of the type that restricts their movement (we can check this for you). For obedience classes you may use a halti/head collar if needed but not for agility. If your dog needs to have a long line attached it must be fixed to a harness and NOT a collar. This is for your dogs safety.

We do not allow the use of flexi/extendable leads, check chains, prong collars or E collars in ANY of our classes. You will be asked to remove these.


Reactive Dogs:

We do not allow dogs with reactivity issues or aggression issues to attend group training classes. By this we mean dogs who can not work off lead around another dog/human, or who lunge and bark at other dogs repeatedly. We encourage early training and socialisation to ensure dogs do not become reactive. If your dog is reactive to other dogs or humans, a group class with not resolve this, you need specialist training from a behaviorist. We will not put ourselves, other trainers, customers or their dogs at risk by allowing your dog into a class situation. If you are asked to leave a class you have been booked onto due to your dog being reactive - no refund will be given.

We have plenty of dogs who train with us who require 'space' from other dogs. Not all dogs want to to be friends. All dogs should be on a lead unless working. This includes being taken to and from the start of an exercise. All of our venues have enough space to keep dogs apart. If two dogs are able to meet on a lead, they are too close to each other. If you approach another dog on a lead, you take responsibility for any outcome. You are actively encouraged to keep a safe distance from all from other dogs.

Training & Venue Rules:

  1. All dogs must be kept on a lead around the venue - when getting out of the car and being walked to the training area they must be on a lead. There is no off lead exercise area.

  2. It is your responsibility to ensure your dog is kept under control at all times - we will not tolerate lunging and barking at other dogs whilst working.

  3. Dogs must be kept away from other dogs during group classes unless the exercise involves controlled meeting of another dog. Do not allow your dog to wander up to every dog.

  4. Please do not allow your dog to toilet inside the training building - puppies should be taken outside for regular toilet breaks. It is your responsibility to ensure you do this. A cleaning fee may be applied for any accidents to help with the cost of professional cleaning.

  5. Please do not allow your dogs to jump up the walls or climb onto windowsills.

  6. Please pick up after your dogs and use the bins provided. A suitable bin will be lined with a BLUE BAG. Please ensure your waste goes into the bag.

  7. If your dog has been unwell we generally advise not to attend class that week incase it is anything contagious. Dogs displaying Kennel cough symptoms must not attend any classes until 14 days have passed since the last cough. You may attend without your dog to watch any class and practice at home.

  8. Bitches in season must not be brought to training classes.

  9. Bitches who have been spayed must have at least 3 weeks off from training (5-6 weeks if Agility). If you wish to keep your space in a class it will need to be paid for in full. Males being castrated usually require 2 weeks off from classes.

  10. Dogs with stitches in for any reason must not attend any class.

  11. If your dog appears to be injured when it arrives for class you will not be allowed to participate.

  12. If your dog is absent due to injury, illness, season or surgery etc you are more than welcome to attend without your dog to watch the class.

  13. Your dogs progression in a class requires you to do some training at home. If you only ever attend class once a week and do nothing in between your dog will not be 'trained'. Training requires practice, patience and frequent reward when done correctly.

  14. At times we use one of our demo dogs in the sessions to aid training, it is your responsibility to keep your dog a safe distance away from the demo dog at all times.  Under no circumstances will your dog be allowed to interact with the demo dog, they are there to aid your training. Please do not touch the demo dogs unless you ask first.

  15. Dogs must not show any aggression to other dogs or humans. If your dog has an issue with other dogs or people it will not be allowed to attend group training classes. If you fail to declare this you may be asked to leave and no refund will be given.

  16. The speed limit on site is 5mph, anyone repeatedly being warned for excessive speed will no longer be allowed to attend classes.


Wet Weather & cancellations:

Most of our classes are able to be moved indoors in extreme weather however if this is not possible and the instructor deems it unsafe, classes may be cancelled if too wet/hot. If this is the case - those on a 6 week course will have a week added to the end of their course. Those attending regular training will pay less the following month. The same applies to cancellations (instructor injury/illness or similar)

Covid 19:

We ask that if you test positive for COVID-19 that you do not attend classes until you have a negative test result.

Social Media Policy


  1. This applies to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and any other social Media platform.

  2. Maidstone Activity Dogs Instructors may at times video/photograph your dogs to use as advertising, if you do not wish to be filmed/photographed please let us know at the time.

  3. Members must not post on a public forum, photographs of other members or their dogs without the other parties permission (posting in the Maidstone Activity Dogs Members only Group/Hoopers Group/Puppy Group will continue to be allowed as we can remove any offending posts as admins if required)

  4. If you are filming each others dogs at training or competition, these are to be sent directly to the owner for them to post if they wish.

  5. If you post a photograph of your dog and tag us in it, we may on occasion ask if we can use that photograph or post on our public page – we will always ask permission first.

  6. Feel free to tag Maidstone Activity Dogs in any of your posts. Those of you who tag your individual instructors, we reserve the right to decline these being added to our personal pages on Facebook/Instagram. Please do not take offence.

  7. Under no circumstances should any member post something involving another member, good or bad, named or otherwise, without the permission of the other party. This includes on personal accounts.

  8. Nothing should be posted or shared which could cause distress to any other party. This includes offensive memes within the club groups.

  9. Any member breaking these rules will have the opportunity to remove an offending post – failure to do so will mean removal from the club.

  10. I will remind everyone once again to be kind!


Updated 19/6/23

By booking onto a class you agree to the above terms and conditions & social media policy

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