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Training with Maidstone Activity Dogs

All of our training is reward based and force free. This means when your dog does something positive it earns a reward (Toy or Treat). Dogs learn through repetition and being rewarded for the correct behaviour. Unwanted behaviour is not punished it is ignored and the correct choice of behaviour rewarded. For any class you take with us, your dog will get the opportunity to earn lots of rewards.

Classes are kept small so each team has plenty of time training under the supervision of an instructor. No matter what the class , all dogs attending must be happy to work around other dogs and have focus for the handler. (puppy class excluded as this is what we teach them!).

All of our instructors have many years experience with working with dogs and teaching classes.

Class Flow Chart.jpeg
Our Indoor Venue

Classes we Currently Offer


Older Puppy

Puppy Progression

Agility (all levels)

Good Citizen Dog Scheme


We are also adding some new short courses so look out for these!

We no longer offer scent training to new members im afraid.

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