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2022-2023 Independent Winter Series & League

Show Dates (Open Now)

             Sunday 26th February 2023                     Closing Date: 3rd February 2023

                  Sunday 12th March 2023                        Closing Date: 27th February 2023

We are bringing back the League so all dogs competing at these shows will gain points depending on where they finish in each class. Leagues will be compiled and the dogs with the most points at the end of the season will receive a special trophy & rosette & goodies. The Mad league has kindly been sponsored by Perfection Dogs Ltd who will be providing prizes

for each winner.

Small League Winner

Medium league Winner

Intermediate League Winner

Large League Winner

MAD Champion

The MAD Champion will have a special black and white A4 portrait sponored by Debroah Griffiths.



(Benson - MAD Champion 2016)

Schedules & Entry Form

26 Feb 2023

12 March 2023

Entry Form

You can complete an online entry form by clicking the links below. Please complete the correct form for the correct show. If entering more than 1 dog you will need to complete multiple forms. Entries will not be confirmed until payment has been received. Please allow 7 days before checking if we have received your payment.

26th February 2023 can he entered by clicking here


12th March 2023 can be entered by clicking here

We are not running a KC Agility show in 2022.

We hope to be back in 2023

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