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We have Scentwork classes running on a fortnightly basis for dogs who have completed an introduction to Scentwork Workshop with us. These are held roughy once a month. Continuation classes are held on a Tuesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday evening)


This is a great class for young dogs who need mental stimulation or older dogs who for whatever reason can not run around like they used to put still want to work.


Dogs are trained on a target odour from the start and are not trained to find food or toys. Once the dog knows the target odour it is the taught to find it in different locations. More advanced dogs will be introduced to multiple target odours. All training is reward based training using food rewards. You will need a lot of treats for Scentwork training (the average amount used in one 2 hour session is 40 cocktail sausages with each one being cut into approx 20 treats!)


We plan to expand these classes in time and hold a Scentwork trial in the future.

Maidstone Activity Dogs

Maidstone Activity Dogs

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